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How to avoid Ebola-inspired violence in West Africa

Last month, I wrote another short piece for Consultancy Africa Intelligence’s “Africa Conflict Monitor,” this time about the international community’s response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa. It was published as the “featured analysis” in the December 2014 issue. … Continue reading

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“War” in West Africa?

Scanning the headlines, it would seem that war was all the rage this past week in West Africa. It began last Saturday in Paris, where the leaders of five West African countries—Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Chad, and even tiny Benin—confidently agreed … Continue reading

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Weekly News Roundup: Pakistan, West Africa kidnappings, Iranian mischief in Nigeria

(Notes on the Periphery will feature a few news and analysis pieces each week from trending topics. Not meant to be comprehensive (thank God!), but rather meant to introduce some of the highlights.) So…the first-ever Notes on the Periphery news roundup … Continue reading

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Mali: From forgotten lands to a blogger’s dream

The usually sleepy country of Mali, a landlocked country of 15 million people which before 2012 rarely graced the headlines, has in the past 10 months become a central focus with near-daily coverage in the American and European press. And … Continue reading

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