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Should the U.S. be training and equipping African armies? The logic of security assistance and its discontents

This month, I wrote a short piece on U.S. security assistance in Africa that was published as the “featured analysis” in the August 2014 issue of the “Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor,” compiled and edited by Consultancy Africa Intelligence. CAI has … Continue reading

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Jean-Bedel Bokassa and the early years of the Central African Republic

I am currently working through Martin Meredith’s mammoth volume, The Fate of Africa: A History of Fifty Years of Independence. While I am only half-finished (the paperback version is nearly 700 pages), my impression is that Meredith does an excellent … Continue reading

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March Madness at Notes on the Periphery!: Part 5 (full bracket)

Over the past month, Will Vogt and I have unveiled an entire “bracket,” modeled off the 68-team format used during college basketball’s final tournament, to provide a short preview of 64 “forgotten” conflicts across the world. In each “regional”—Middle East … Continue reading

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