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Olympic-sized Corruption: A Visual Guide (see link)

While we all wish politics would take a back seat to the athletes and their competition during the Olympic Games, this year’s events in Sochi, Russia make such a dream difficult (if not impossible). Noted Russian netizen activist and anti-Putin … Continue reading

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Colombia’s peace process: a current overview

The talks in Havana between the Colombian government and the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), a guerrilla militant “terrorist” group, have already had a significant impact on an important region in the global economy due to a loosening of … Continue reading

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Obscurity: The “Soccer War”

Given that the Gold Cup recently ended, I feel it’s appropriate to discuss a topic related to soccer in Central America. One of the things that many Americans (myself included!) find striking about the world’s passionate obsession with soccer (“football”) … Continue reading

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Brazil’s “Awakening” : A Look at Online Mobilization

Protests in the street and direct challenges to authority are playing an interesting role in this era of greater global information access. These movements have brought down governments in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and beyond, and have scared many others, including … Continue reading

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Obscurity: Quebec-quoi? A very brief historical outline of Canada’s nation within a state

By most accounts, Canada- like its fellow English-speaking neighbor, the United States- appears to be a country with a unified culture.  This, however, overlooks one of the country’s most important territories: Quebec, home to global metropolitan hubs like Montreal. For … Continue reading

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Obscurity: Celebrating the Birth of a Microstate

Today’s post will deal with the lighter side of international relations.  Here, I will explore a case study in individualist, independent thinking that makes America great.  In honor of the 31st anniversary of the Conch Republic, I will briefly tell … Continue reading

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March Madness at Notes on the Periphery!: Part 3 (Latin America)

We’re now near the end of the most exciting three weeks of the year—NCAA college basketball’s final tournament. For those of you who might not know: each year, 68 college teams (annoyingly bumped up from 65 a few years ago) … Continue reading

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