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Defining “success” in proxy arming: the Afghanistan case

As expected, my recent post on arming Syria’s rebels (see here) generated a bit of debate among Notes on the Periphery readers. Danny, among others, made an important conceptual point: in assessing the “success” of four past cases of proxy … Continue reading

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Brazil’s “Awakening” : A Look at Online Mobilization

Protests in the street and direct challenges to authority are playing an interesting role in this era of greater global information access. These movements have brought down governments in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and beyond, and have scared many others, including … Continue reading

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US security assistance: Leahy Law under fire

In April I wrote a lengthy post on the logic of U.S. foreign military assistance that you can read here. Last week the New York Times ran another instructive piece on the issue, focusing on a key component: the 16-year-old … Continue reading

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Arming Syria’s rebels: Will it work?

After two years of cautious restraint, the Obama administration has reportedly directed the Central Intelligence Agency to begin supplying and distributing small arms and ammunition to elements of the Syrian opposition. What pushed President Obama over the edge? The answers … Continue reading

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Obscurity: Quebec-quoi? A very brief historical outline of Canada’s nation within a state

By most accounts, Canada- like its fellow English-speaking neighbor, the United States- appears to be a country with a unified culture.  This, however, overlooks one of the country’s most important territories: Quebec, home to global metropolitan hubs like Montreal. For … Continue reading

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RIP Weekly News Roundup

A short administrative note: After a bit of deliberation, I have decided to retire the “weekly news roundup” updates (example here) I have been posting on Notes on the Periphery. While useful for myself and maybe for some of you, … Continue reading

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Book thoughts: “Instant City” by Steve Inskeep (2011)

“This was Karachi…destination of pilgrims and home of the poor, a field of operations for the makers of buildings and bombs. The instant city mixed the good and the bad, battering people with the impartiality of a typhoon.” (p. 141) … Continue reading

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