Updated Mali map – as of March 23, 2013

Time to update the Mali map again! (Any excuse to combine geography with int’l affairs…)

Some significant events in the past two weeks:

-Islamists struck Timbuktu for the first time since they fled the city in late January. One Malian soldier was killed by a suicide car bomber during a rebel raid on the Timbuktu airport before French and Malian forces beat back the assault (reportedly killing 10 militants).

-African forces secured the Wagadou Forest in western Mali, a former go-to sanctuary for AQIM prior to 2011.

-The French defense minister announced the country’s forces had killed 15 militants in the Gao region in the past week.

-Sporadic fighting continues deep in the heart of the Adrar des Ifoghas mountains. A fifth French soldier died in the ongoing operation to secure this territory.

-President Hollande announced on Wednesday that “almost the entire territory will return to Mali’s sovereignty in a few days.” (That means around today.)

Anyway, see below for the updated map:


© 2013 Google © 2013 Tele Atlas

Mali map - 3-23


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