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Militaries’ Post-Revolutionary Experiences in Libya and Egypt

There’s been a lot of discussion this week about the fate of the post-revolution Libyan army, especially in the context of the Libyan government potentially giving the go-ahead to Ansar al-Sharia (the same group, you’ll remember, widely held to be behind … Continue reading

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Weekly News Roundup: Pakistan, West Africa kidnappings, Iranian mischief in Nigeria

(Notes on the Periphery will feature a few news and analysis pieces each week from trending topics. Not meant to be comprehensive (thank God!), but rather meant to introduce some of the highlights.) So…the first-ever Notes on the Periphery news roundup … Continue reading

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Mali update: France begins a ground adventure in the mountains

As a follow-up to my post yesterday, news reports today that French Special Forces clashed with militants deep in the Adrar des Ifoghas mountains seem to demonstrate further that France is taking its vow to eliminate terrorist threats in Mali … Continue reading

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Introducing the Mali map!

I’m proud to introduce today the official Notes on the Periphery “Mali map”! This map will serve as a tracker of sorts – charting (1) clashes with rebels, (2) significant towns recaptured by the French/ECOWAS intervention (or the Tuareg-led enemy-turned-ally … Continue reading

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Mali: France vient à la rescousse (France to the rescue)

By the time French forces touched down in Mali on January 11, a bulwark of naysayers had already formed. The French military, while tactically adept and no stranger to West Africa, would nonetheless have trouble suppressing well-armed militants occupying northern … Continue reading

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Mali: From forgotten lands to a blogger’s dream

The usually sleepy country of Mali, a landlocked country of 15 million people which before 2012 rarely graced the headlines, has in the past 10 months become a central focus with near-daily coverage in the American and European press. And … Continue reading

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Launching “Notes on the Periphery”!

Welcome! “Notes on the Periphery” is a foreign affairs blog focusing on extracting lessons from the world’s “forgotten” conflicts. The primary purposes are to: (1) improve understanding and spur conversation on areas of the world that do not frequent the front … Continue reading

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